Our Boats

The genesis of our cunning plan begins with our love of sailboats.

 The Boat We Want

Now we want to do some serious cruising and need a boat that would be comfortable for living aboard. What will that boat look like? Many hours have been spent by Melissa and me prowling the Yachtworld.com site looking for the perfect boat. Perfect and cheap. We will continue to update our blog with any especially fetching boats. Cheap and fetching. That is the boat we want.



1 thought on “Our Boats

  1. Hi mike and Melissa Derek here former owner who sailed your boat down to New Zealand on a 3year trip. So very excited to meet you today and hopefully I can be helpfull in making your dream come true. She is a most perfect boat and the more you get to know her you will fall In love. I had 13 wonderful years cruising on ” walachine” and she was the most beautiful boat In every anchorage we went to. My love for her will never end…. Treat her right and the sea gods will protect you.

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