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We’re happy to hear from you if you have questions about our boat or our posts. You may contact us via email at Michael at Geekboys dot com.

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    • Jenny, It was a pleasure meeting you and seeing Ed again. Enjoy your stay in Washington. We’ll be sure to check out kate’s blog.

  1. Loved your blog. I was so surprised to know the orcas were in the South Sound last week and I missed them:( Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. Your blog is awesome. We are moored over at the Foss Harbor Marina and cherish every day in the Pacific Northwest. We live in Brown’s Point and so admire your adventurous life:)

    • Hi Dana,
      We’re glad you found us and like the blog! We hope you stick around and continue reading. This week we are in La Paz, Mexico trying to have more adventures. We hope to be blogging from here this week.

      • Enjoyed your site. I am in Florida seeking a Westerly. What was wrong with the one you guys looked at? Trying to get an idea of what to look for. Thanks!

        • Thanks for visiting our blog shawn. At various times we have looked at a number of Westerlies. For Melissa and myself, we were looking at the SeaLord. We both really liked this boat and found that besides being in need of the usual updating of rigging and electronices, it was a good comfortable boat. I understand they are pretty fast as well. Melissa had some concerns about the standing rigging, but that would come out in a survey. We are still thinking about the boat we visited in Blaine but first we have to sell Moonrise.

          • My concerns about the Westerly 39 we saw were around the considerable water damage in the head close to the v berth. The damage looks like it could possibly be related to damage to the deck around the standing rigging and appears to have been going on for a long time. My impression from the broker was the boat has been all but abandoned by the owner. It definitely is a ‘fixer’. The Westerly Cirrus we looked at also had water damage to the point of wood rot. It, too, had been let go. I’d look for one where the owners have been engaged in sailing the boat, myself. These two boats had been let sit for a long time.

  2. Hi folks:

    We are the couple who bought Arabella (Hans Christian 38) and coincidentally also loved Andromeda. She was unforunately just too much boat for us as a couple.

    Our blog is finally up and running, so here is the address:

    You have been an inspiration, so I have put your site as a link on our wordpress.

    Enjoy your project!

    Tony and Karin

    • Tony and Karin,

      We just checked out your blog and fully approve of your plan. Arabella is the perfect boat for your South Sea cruise.

      Once we get Andromeda repowered and fit for sailing we will are thinking a trip to Barkley Sound would be a firs good cruise. Perhaps we will see you somewhere around Vancouver Island.

  3. Hi we are a Canadian family of 5 on an Olympic Adventure. Currently just arrived in South Africa, bought the boat in 2005, had it in the driveway for 2 years renovating, left Canada in 2008, just had our 6 year anniversary at sea. The kids were 6,7 and 10 when we left, now they have to duck to avoid hitting there heads. Plan to sell him (Gromit) when we finnish next summer. See us on Sailblogs under Gromit. Contact us on We have hull number 1 which premiered at the Annapolis boat show in 1974. We still have the original Westerbeke engine. We have had a vast array of failures at sea, so we can tell you the weak links in the boat.


  4. Hi Melissa,

    We just got back from a week in the Gulf Islands. I ordered a wi-fi hotspot from RoamMobile that they sent directly to the Port Sidney Marina where we cleared customs. C$15/day for unlimited 4G data where there was service. It worked great in the mornings and afternoons but slowed down in the evenings. We dropped it in the mail on our last day at Ganges. Five devices could connect at once which kept my crew happily connected.


    S/V COHO
    Bham, WA

    • Hello George and many thanks for that information. We will put that resource in our file for future reference. The availability of service on the west coast of Vancouver Island is spotty but that would certainly be a good way to go when we stay on the inside where reception is better.

  5. Hi, enjoyed poking about several of your blog postings but missed a link to subscribe via email or Pinterest? Plz advise…
    Thank you!

    • Hi there, there is an email ‘subscribe’ box on the homepage. Now that you mention it, we should probably put that on each page. Thanks for the comment! Just go to and you should see it.

    • Chris,

      We read about Flying Gull and the violent end to the man aboard this morning. While these kinds of events happen with some frequency, our connection to the boat makes this story much more personal.

      Melissa and I still think of that boat and the potential it had. We would drive by her slip on Lake Union and see if she was still there and being taken care of. While she was absolutely the wrong boat for us, we both fantasize about what we could have done with her. With deeper pockets and a different schedule, she would have been magnificient.

  6. I saw the “Flying Gull” for sale at auction site, thought you would like to know. It would be nice if someone gets the boat and restores it.

    • Thanks for posting that. I’ll take a look and if it’s still there, put the link on our facebook page. Yes, I do hope someone restores that beautiful boat.

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