Where Are We Now?

For our upcoming trip, we will once again activate the old SPOT Messenger so that our loyal readers can track our progress through the Salish Sea and up the West coast of Vancouver Island. We will be updating our position a few times per day but if you don’t see an update every few hours, don’t freak out. That generally means we are having too much fun to push the button.

And if that isn’t more than enough information to clutter your brain, we can send updates directly to your email address. This feature is typically used for folks that worry we will be eaten by whales, attacked by pirates or eaten by pirates riding on whales. If you worry about any of those things, drop Melissa or me a line and we will add you to the list.

For the full SPOT experience, you can click HERE


8 thoughts on “Where Are We Now?

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  2. The west coast of Vancouver Island is not a baby step! But then again you are not babies. 😉 I hope that you have an awesome voyage and that you come to harmony with the ocean swell. You are in my thoughts. Very much looking forward to your next update. Tristan

  3. PS Preparing our boat now for a cruise to AK. Perhaps we’ll take the outside of Vancouver Island–depending on your feedback!

    • Going up the inside is certainly an experience not to be missed. If I the time, I would much prefer to go down the west coast of Vancouver island. Then, you can enjoy the prevailing westerly and swells instead of fighting them. Yesterday was a long day with a lot of windward sailing.

  4. Yes, I’m one of those in fear of pirates. I watch those 20/20 shows.
    so I’m watching the arrows to keep my eye on you. Bet you wish you were here. It hit 100 today. I know you are having great time. Mom

  5. So this may sound a little odd but, I found your site while hunting for an Ericson 25 … and then fell into a trance following the adventures of you folks finding Andrew his Ericson 25 “Danger Kitten” ! I absolutely love that name 🙂

    So fast forward to 2015, does Andrew still own the sailboat ? If so, Any thoughts possibly selling it in the future ? As you can see I’m still in search of one, having just retired to Discovery Bay, in Port Townsend with a desire to get back into sailing the bay outside my window. Anyway keep me in mind if perhaps your ever ready to part with her.

    Cheers to all your sea faring family. Safe passage, your adventures are most enjoyable.

    • Thanks for checking out our post on the Ericson 25 and our other adventures, Joe. It was a great boat for Andrew but we sold it last year (or was it the year before last?) Being a full time student and having a pretty hectic life was cutting into the enjoyment of having the boat, Plus, the maintenance was being deferred more than I liked.

      Still if you are looking for a good trailerable boat, the Ericson is a great size. We never trailered the boat and so that advantage was lost on us. The fixed keel Ericsons would probably a better fit for me as I they are stiffer in a breeze and they are a good value.

      Good luck in your search.


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