Gear Purchase List

This is our wish list. We won’t get everything on it, and it’s a flexible document as we get new information. Still, in a perfect world…
RIB Dinghy with engine, prefer the Achilles HB300FX with a folding transom that stores in its own bag.

OR Portland Pudgy with sail and life boat kit

Strong Track, preferably for both masts

Snorkel equipment

Sat Phone – Iridium Go

SSB Receiver

Tablet computer

Running Rigging

Rocna Anchor

Unlocked cellphone hot spot for connecting the computer through a cellular network

Paper charts – looking for these used. We need the Pacific Coast, Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, and points south of there, the Galapagos Islands, and the South Pacific Islands. Pretty much any charts that we can get except for local charts of these waters, we need and want.

Chart chips for the Garmin.