1976 Pearson 365

This is a nice little boat. This boat had a lot going from the moment we saw her, starting with the ease of climbing aboard and the nice hatch.

The graceful cockpit of the Pearson 365

This boat had many good features but I think we are looking for something that has a bit less of a utilitarian feel to the interior. Being more utilitarian than comfortable isn’t always a bad thing, because you certainly want a sailboat to be easy to use, but I would be dishonest if I said that comfort did not matter to me. I’m middle aged. It does matter to me. The settees on this boat are too narrow for comfortable lounging for me. I want a space where I can curl up with a good book, and Mike wants one of those for himself, too. And not necessarily the same space, either.

Facing aft in the Pearson 365

Facing aft in the Pearson 365 In the above photo, you can see the settee on the port side of the saloon. Most people would probably be very happy with it. Also notice the very nice opening ports, a great feature of this boat. These seemingly small things make the difference between being really comfortable in a boat and being irritated.

The one-person V berth

In the photo above you can see the small v berth. It’s hard to show how small it is in the photo. Suffice to say that when I saw it, this boat truly became ‘not an option’. It was just that simple. The other thing I couldn’t figure out about this boat is why it had a full size shower. That takes up an awful lot of space on a boat this size. It seems wasteful to me, but I guess I can understand the attraction.  I would much prefer having that space in the salon, or for storage. In all, a very nice boat, but not the one for us.

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