1972 Morgan Mk II

S/V Everyman, a Morgan 42


My first impression of this boat was that she is probably beautiful in the water. It’s always difficult in some ways to look at boats when they are ‘on the hard’, even though it makes good sense to do so since you can see their lovely bottoms. Still, they are a little bit like beached whales on stilts.

Morgan 42’s are supposed to be good ocean cruisers and good sailers so this boat was a must-see. Some things we liked about it: great cockpit drains (nice and big),

Nice cockpit drains!

no headliner, so that you can easily access anything that is attached to the cabin top or deck, decent salon with fold-down table, groovy blue counter top in the head, and extra winches. And that’s pretty much what we focused on in this boat. That doesn’t tell you much about the boat, except that the ‘feeling wasn’t there for us. I thought it would be. Guess that’s why you have to see boats in person.

Groovy color!

So we didn’t feel the love for the Morgan. Too bad. We did get to meet extremely nice and patient Ernie Moquin and hear about his two year mission trip he’s planning with his wife, Cindy. What a helpful man! He spent so much time with us, even though he knew it was unlikely we would be buying anything yet. And he shared information, and also, more importantly, himself. We appreciate it so much, Ernie! God go with you and your wife as you travel the earth spreading God’s eternal love!

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