Clicking off the miles

Good morning, world. Almost halfway to our second waypoint, Galapagos is sailing under a double reefed main and a reefed genoa in 18-20 knots of wind. Yesterday was a challenging day as winds and wave height increased through the day and into the night to 23 knots. For the first time in years on this boat all hatches and ports are locked down as we take spray from all sides. I did a little happy dance from my place at the helm as Michael put the second reef in the main without even changing course. Our new Strong Track sail system paid for itself as the sail slid down ,like butter, even under a broad reach. Could I have turned the boat into the wind and high seas in order to relieve pressure on the sail? Sure. Did I want to? Absolutely not. I was thrilled. With a smaller sail the boat rode better and our speed remained al,most the same: a cool 6-7 knots.

Speaking of speed, we are staying in touch with two catamarans who are crossing along with us. Both owners are new to their boats and both are previous monohull owners. These people are speed demons with their speeds of 10 knots or better. Holy cow! And their ride is so smooth! They are actually easily cooking underway. I, on the other hand, took my life in my hands making pancakes yesterday. One hand for the pan, knees braced against the fridge, one hand on the boat. Now to spoon batter into the pan. Wait, I need more hands. On the first day we lost half of our dinner on the floor (a great opportunity to take up heavy floor boards in a heaving boat so I could clean under them. ) due to being kicked by a big wave. All I know is that there is a lot of time to think sitting here in the the cockpit and they have us cat-curious. Alas, no Googling out here. That’s probably best.

Looking at some calmer weather ahead in anticipation of a hot meal. Tonight it will be cheese, crackers, salami.

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4 thoughts on “Clicking off the miles

  1. Sure enjoying cruising along with you on your way to the Islands. Galapagos is a beautiful ketch, full of safe travels for you both. best wishes for continued safe travels, possibly folowing seas and wind, and many memories for you both.

    jeff & karry bice
    PNW – s/v Fantasy – CM440

  2. So glad you’re sailing well! Sorry about dinner… We keep checking on your progress! Sending love and encouragement out there for you both! xoxo

  3. So great hearing you are still making progress! Glad all is well on the boat and with you two! Stay safe and well! Mary

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