Yes, I said Boobie

About twenty minutes after I sent yesterday’s post into the ether I realized that whining about not being able to snorkel because of the virus was pretty tone deaf. In light of the suffering and death brought about by this pandemic, our petty problems don’t amount to a hill of beans. So even though we are impacted by this disruption in many ways, most problems are still of the First World sort. Let’s hope they stay that way.

We had good wind and a fast, bumpy ride most of yesterday until about midnight when the wind started easing, leaving sloppy waves that threw us about and made sleep impossible. The first night of a passage is always pretty rough; we kept three hour watches and having Ryan, our crew/guest aboard definitely made the watches more pleasant. We are about 80 miles from Isla Isabela and hope to stop there in the morning if the weather allows. It isn’t a great anchorage unless the winds are light, so we are prepared to press on to Mantachen Bay if it doesn’t look safe.

This morning I was at the bow, mentally adding more tasks to my refit list when I was buzzed by a brown footed Boobie. He made several passes and was attempting to land on the boat. Or so I thought. The attached photo tells the story and now the Boobie is my new Spirit Animal (replacing the three toed sloth).

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2 thoughts on “Yes, I said Boobie

  1. For some reason, your posts are in a different format. I have to scroll left to right (a lot) to read them, which is really awkward. This is the second post that has come through this way. Any chance it’s something on your end?

  2. I have zero problems with complaints about not being able to snorkel. It’s better than reading constant complaints about stores being closed or whatever else we lubbers are upset about back here in the “real” world. Blogs from folks like you allow us all to fantasize about a big wide world that we may one day get to engage with again. Keep up the details about all the annoyances of life on a boat I say! I’d rather read about those than another post about toilet paper shortages and dumb presidents.

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