Bahia Los Frailes

It was another day of motoring from Los Muertos to Bahia Los Frailes. What wind we had was almost, but not quite on the nose. Sometimes a sailboat is nothing more than a trawler with a stick.

And no fish were caught today. After yesterday’s catch I thought our dry spell was over. I usually drag a lure or two behind the boat whenever we are underway and it is amusing to see the boat’s crew, in various states of drowsy repose, jump to the aft deck when we hear the click click click of the drag on the fishing reel. When we cross the sea to Isla Isabella, there will be plenty of time to fish.

We did see a few humpbacks in the area as we approached Cabo Pulmo. That was the highlight of the day. We never tire of seeing whales.

Bahia Los Frailes (Bay of the Friars) is just south of Cabo Pulmo National Marine park, and a popular area for diving and snorkeling. We plan on staying a couple of days, weather permitting, to snorkel the area and enjoy the abundant sea-life. Because the area is protected as a marine park, the coral here is abundant and healthy. With most of the local tourism shut down, it is quiet here. There are three other boats in the anchorage, and we see little activity on shore.

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