Bahia de los Muertos

Light winds and a favorable current tamed the Cerralvo channel for us today. Still, a long day of motoring.

We broke a long dry spell when we caught a nice Spanish mackerel, presently residing in our bellies along with fresh tortillas and guacamole.

Lots of boats here at bahia de los muertos, ten, counting us. We see lots of cruisers heading north.

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3 thoughts on “Bahia de los Muertos

  1. I had great luck with Iridium paired with Ocens software. Then I could write up a blog offline using Notes on your phone taking all the time you want, boot up iridium and copy it in. Ocens even lets you post one good size good quality photo. Lovin your blog. Keep it coming for us of us stuck on the wrong side of the border. Lauralee and sv Osprey

  2. Glad to hear you are finding nice spots to isolate and that your GO! is performing as expected… [I concur; End user software has never been one of Iridium’s strong points…]

    And obviously you— and your neighbors— aren’t supersticious…

    Stay healthy and be well.

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