Rainforest Adventures: Tree Creatures

It’s the post everyone has been waiting for, especially the people not so jazzed about rainforest insects. Yes: Monkeys! We saw several species of monkeys, starting at the Planeta Azul hostel where we spent the night before the tour began. We saw Black Mantled Tamarins, Pygmy Marmosets, Yellow Handed Titi Monkeys, Spider Monkeys, Squirrel Monkeys, Monk Saki Monkeys, and Brown Woolly Monkeys. We heard a troop of Howler Monkeys in the distance, but we didn’t get a sighting of them. Our guide had an amazing ability to spot monkeys from a distance in the trees, even when they were not moving around. Such eyes! Wish I had been able to photograph all the monkeys we saw but sometimes the binoculars were the tool of choice.

Black Mantled Tamarin. We hung around in hammocks watching these guys steal bananas (yes, really!) from the outdoor kitchen. 

Black Mantled Tamarin

Part of the Black Mantled Tamarin troop.

Pygmy Marmoset. My personal favorite. These moved very slowly along the branches, as though trying not to call attention to themselves. The Black Mantled Tamarins would chase them when the opportunity came. 

Pygmy Marmoset

It’s a baby Pygmy Marmoset. Squueeeee!

Squirrel Monkey

Squirrel  monkey flying through the air


I’m thinking this is Monk Saki Monkey.


6 thoughts on “Rainforest Adventures: Tree Creatures

  1. How adorable! They’re so cute. Maybe not cute enough to forget about all the creepy, icky creatures that crawl about (like those dreaded not-to-be-named insects you talked about in your previous post), but cute enough to make dealing with the other wee beasties worth it.

  2. Oh YAY! Monkeys, not bugs. I would love to see monkeys in the wild, but I’m not sure I could cope with the other unmentionables. Keep the photos, and narrative coming, this way I can armchair enjoy it.

  3. You know, other than the terrorizing bugs in our room (there was only one each time) it was fine. If you skipped the walk through the forest at night, you probably would not see a lot of insects unless you were looking for them. It was totally worth the experience. Better living through a little chemistry.

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