We Live Here Now

So, how’s it going aboard Galapagos now that we have lived aboard for 9 days? Yes, 9 full days and it seems like so much more. Does time slow down on a boat? Because at the house the weeks fly by so fast we can’t see them with the naked eye. But on board, it feels like a bit of a time warp. Was Christmas just last week? Hmm. Let’s reflect on our first week aboard.

We had a long walk on sunny and bright Christmas Day this year.

The move went off with barely a whimper since we were pretty much physically prepared. We didn’t have much mess for long, things got stowed quickly and we are beginning to form new habits of living. I would say overall it’s been pretty smooth. I’ve only had two crying jags so far. That’s pretty good I think. We’re warm, dry, the water is hot, the beds are comfortable, and thank goodness we already know the boat. All of that goes a long way to making the transition easier. Frankly, I do not know how people just dump everything and move aboard in one fell swoop. I guess that’s just not my style. I sure miss our dog, Skippy. Today we are going home to do laundry and get some Skippy love. Weird.

We’ve gone on long walks, had an overnight trip to Port Townsend to stay in The Old Consulate Inn and pet all the Port Townsend dogs (there are a lot of dogs there), drove to Kingston to see all the fairy lights by the marina, and generally whiled away the time between holidays. Here’s the week, in photos.

Christmas Day window.

Tacoma’s Humpty Dumpty. Yeah, that blue sky was on Christmas Day.

Waiting for dad in Port Townsend.

Kingston lights.

Another cheerful window in Tacoma.

Foss Waterway


15 thoughts on “We Live Here Now

  1. Isn’t it nice to have some down time? Glad you are starting your dream. Also happy to hear that you are warm, that would be my biggest concern living on the water. Love your updates, Melissa! Btw, since the PO lost our address book, this is the only way I can keep track of you, so keep posting! Love it Mary

    • I hope so! You know I never can actually do the grieving until after it’s all over. But we spent today at the house helping John and Melina get settled in, giving Skippy extra love, and doing laundry. It felt good.

    • I think it must be that we just don’t have our groove yet. We’re still making new habits, figuring out how best to do things, all that stuff. The days seem very long just now but we’re pretty busy so that’s probably part of it.

  2. So exciting for you guys that you’re now on the boat! I’ll be looking forward to all the photos and reports. Oh, the places you’ll go!

    Is there some reason you cannot take Skippy?

    • Skippy just hates the boat so much. He’s pretty old, amost 14, and cannot see well. Plus he has a bit of arthritis in his hips. He’s uncomfortable and anxious on the boat. Add that to how he cannot get down into the cabin on his own and it’s just not going to happen. We miss him alot, though. I’m making a point to go out to the house and love on him every week. He also gets plenty of attention from the young adults at home.

  3. I bashed my finger one day, and had a crying meltdown, much more than what was warranted. I was alone, and it was good to get it out. Now I’m fine. I’m glad the move is going well for you, you sound relaxed. Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year back to you! Yeah, I get the whole ‘more than was warranted’ thing. I’m an excellent crier. But I usually feel better when it’s over. Good to hear you guys are loving your own living aboard!

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