I Sugru, and You Should, Too

A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and bought myself a new immersible blender. My old one bit the dust and I used it frequently. Replacing it was a no-brainer. Know what else should have been a no-brainer? Keeping the box and the receipt until I was sure the thing would continue to work well. Because that’s what I usually do. But this time I threw the box away. What could possibly go wrong?

This side got repaired with glue.

Well, actually I don’t know what went wrong, but something sure did. All I know is that the next time I took the blender out of the cabinet, where it had been sitting for at least a week, part of the plastic piece that holds the blender part onto the motor fell off into my hand.  What the what? I didn’t break it, but still, broken it was. I’m kind of used to weird things happening in our house without apparent cause, so I didn’t miss a beat. Swearing, out came the Gorilla Glue, which is pretty good stuff. I glued the piece on and waited.

How the heck? Who knows?

When the glue was cured I tried putting the pieces together again. This time the thing was split along the other side.  Huh. Curiouser and curiouser. Maybe I got a lemon? Maybe there were cracks I didn’t see? Maybe the plastic was somehow compromised? Or maybe a ghostly hand had reached through the ether and given it a whack. Crap. I had a choice of fixing this thing, or trying to buy a replacement part. I decided to fix that thing. sugru I remembered seeing this stuff called Sugru that is meant to repair all kinds of objects. It’s billed as ‘mouldable glue’ and their marketing (which is ultraslick and kicky) includes the words ‘this is going to be great’. What the hell? Why not, then? I thought it sounded like just the trick and I knew they carried it at Target. So I got some and gave it a go.  It’s kind of like playdough in consistency, but then it hardens like a flexible epoxy. The result is very nice.

It’s even blue.

We’ll be carrying a small supply on board Galapagos when we go. This stuff is not cheap, about 13$ for that little package of three, but it is quick and easy to use, is not messy, and it can be used for many small things that would be hard to fix otherwise. You also get the thrill of playing with playdough again. So that’s a bonus. I will certainly carry Sugru on board and maybe you should, too.

12 thoughts on “I Sugru, and You Should, Too

  1. Isn’t that the way it goes, we think it’s fine until something goes wrong which is always after we toss the receipt! Glad you found a way to fix it!

  2. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. We did not know about this product. Also as an FYI, JB Weld and Epoxy Putty (water-proof) are life savers on a boat. The product can be used to fix a cracked pipe or leaking tank until a more permanent repair can be made. By lots of it 🙂

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

    • I agree. Both those things are critical, and much cheaper, too. Especially if you don’t buy them at a marine store. What I like about the Sugru is that there is no mixing or measuring, no mess, and no smell. Still, those stick epoxies you mush together work great, too.

  3. Yeah, Sugru is great stuff. I’ve never used it with kitchen things though. I’m currently out–I didn’t know they carried it at Target, very happy to know that!! 🙂

  4. Just as I was feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff we have to buy for Mareda this year before we head off to the Med, BANG, another great (and possibly hard to find in France) product to add to the list (along with that great metal tape stuff you already recommended)… Thanks for all the updates !

    • No, it isn’t, although they are working on getting it certified as food safe. That’s not a problem with this repair, however. The area where the cracks are on my blender does not come in contact with food. Good to be aware of that if an item is to be used in contact with edibles, though.

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