Our Crooked Strait

Beating out of the strait of Juan deFuca is probably not an experience where the word “fun” would typically be applied. Still yesterday’s hard won 48 miles from Dungeness Spit to Clallam bay were not without their charm. 

The west wind has continued to be strong, which allowed us to move smartly all day, albeit never quite in the direction we truly wish to go. We have been getting more comfortable with Galapagos’ sail plan and I am really learning the value of the jib and jigger arrangement in a breeze. 

After a long day we thought we would try anchoring at Pillar point for the night but the wind and swells were not going to allow us any peace. So we motored seven miles further to Clallam Bay for a rolly night’s sleep. This morning finds us with little wind and fog. Just another of the strait’s charming attributes. 

Wind or no, we will make Barkley Sound today.  

2 thoughts on “Our Crooked Strait

  1. Rolling during the night in swells can lead to an uncomfortable and sometimes sleepless night. One rolling night is tolerable, but for multiple nights, we’ve found anchoring bow and stern, makes for a very comfortable motion.

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