The Perfect Boat: Style, Speed, and Comfort Under One Deck

If you  A) are looking for the perfect boat that could take you anywhere on the planet in safety, beauty, and speed, and B) have the right kind of ‘funding’ (that means if you have money), look no further. S/V Nomadness is for sale. After an internal debate that must have been agonizing for him, friend Steven K. Roberts has decided that he must move to the ‘dark side’ of power boating. And we forgive him totally because we know that it’s a choice made out of necessity, and not love. (And also because if we don’t forgive him, it will be hard to forgive ourselves if we do the same someday). So it’s okay. His loss might mean that you gain this terrific sailboat.  And if you lean toward geekiness, look no further because this boat is so geeked out that I can’t even have a coherent conversation about it without getting lost.  Totally out of my league with the techno-geek thing.

Mike and I traveled to Friday Harbor a few months ago to see this boat and I wrote a review of it. Here is the link.  Steven has a complete website with a ton of information about this boat. Here is his ‘for sale‘ ad.  So, just saying, there is a ot of information about this particular boat on the interwebs already; much more than you would generally find about a potential addition to your family. Here’s a little preview for you galley-oriented folks.

A working galley for a sea-going boat.

A working galley for a sea-going boat.

The boat is located in Friday Harbor, an easy ferry trip from Seattle. It’s right by the ferry terminal so pretty ‘no stress’ to see, plus you can do dinner in Friday Harbor. What better excuse for a getaway? If you are boat shopping for a world class blue water cruiser, you owe it to yourself to see this boat. Tell Steven I said howdy.

View from the Victoria Clipper. You, too, could have this view.

By the way, if you know someone who’d like me to view and write up their boat, give me a shout. I miss getting to view lots of boats now that we have Galapagos, and we do get a ton of traffic on those boat review pages. Since we aren’t ‘shopping’, people are less inclined to want to spend time showing me boats. (Insert big frowny face.) So if you know a boat owner in the Seattle/Tacoma area who has a boat they’d like reviewed, let me know.

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Boat: Style, Speed, and Comfort Under One Deck

  1. Oh how I wish she was for sale when we were looking. This is a seriously well thought boat. I have admired her for SO long. Hopefully she finds a new home with owners who will appreciate all of the clever details that were put into her.

    • No kidding. she is a lovely boat and if we had been one of those with the, ahem..’funding’, we would have been seriously looking at her. As it is, I’m just glad I had the chance to go aboard.

  2. What a treat for someone!
    We are in the (hopefully) end stages of selling our old boat and our potential buyer goes to WWU! We are considering a little Viking discount to help this young man get his sailing life off to a good start.
    Given that the selling activities will eat up some of the weekend, we will likely not be out this weekend. Hope you do get out, and hopefully next weekend we will be out there too!

    • OOH, what are you selling? Our son has an Ericson 25 up at WWU, but I believe he will need to sell her soon. It’s a bit light weight for the winds up there. We will be doing at least one day sail this weekend, but the following weekend will be a two nighter for us. Yippee!

      • Newport 27. Likely just as light! Didn’t think about the robust wind in Bham!
        Enjoy the weekend and have so much fun out there! We can’t wait to have our first overnighter!

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