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I got a message on our Facebook page this week from a new reader who wanted me to send her a link to the first post on our blog so she could read all the way through from the beginning. I obliged, gladly, and then realized just how many blog posts we have on this thing. Using the time honored technique called “counting” I became overwhelmed after reaching the 100 mark. So there are well over 100 posts. I am either verbose or dedicated. You be the judge.  Some days I can’t tell which. This week we went over 100,300 page views, which I consider amazing. On a good day, we get over 200 views and on a sterling day, we get over 400. The record for the best day is 720 views. Mike holds that record due completely to luck and the fact that I had to work. (See below)

Mike's turn at the wheel. Sometimes we miss this boat.

Mike’s turn at the wheel. Sometimes we miss this boat.

I have never gone back and read the entire blog myself, so what the heck? Why not? I discovered that the first year was filled with fun and our excitement about the plan was palpable. The second year I found pretty boring, and the blog posts reflected how frustrated we were with the the process of selling Moonrise, falling in love with Flying Gull (which, according to the Coast Guard website, has a new owner), and looking for the right boat for us. The third year starts about the time we found our current boat, the Olympic Adventure 47, “Nameless One”. Thank God year two is history. I’m surprised anyone kept reading through that dry spell that on reflection seems filled with almost adolescent angst. Sheesh.

As I read through the posts, one thing that really stood out is that people who don’t know us would think our lives are filled with drama. Kind of like TV news, blogs make the world seem like a much less mundane place that it is in actuality. I assure you that we are pretty boring stuff when it comes to day to day existence. But boring stuff doesn’t sell newspapers, you know? Still, reading through some parts of the history deposited here make us sound very much like people who live on the raw organic edge. Rolling On Floor Laughing Out Loud.

In honor of my having nothing better to do with my time, I thought I would occasionally throw in a ‘Best of Little Cunning Plan’ post with links to some of what I think are the best posts from previous years; posts I actually enjoy reading and that don’t make me cringe in awkward embarrassment. These are the ones that either made me laugh out loud, or made me want to cry all over again.

Tony, hammer in one hand, ice pick and chalk in another. He sails an Albin 30. He surveyed three boats for us this year.

Tony Allport, hammer in one hand, ice pick and chalk in another.  He surveyed three boats for us this year.

Photo Tribute to Moonrise -The boat that started it all. And for those who are newer readers, our fears about being boatless turned out to be groundless. That never happened.

Hope Springs Eternal – An appropriate post for anyone who is anxious for the future to be the now.

Michael’s Pretty Good Day – The single highest page count ever; the 720 view day. I’d like to say I’ve forgiven Mike for being alone on the boat that day, but that would be a lie. He owes me big time. Still.

And finally, these two posts about being two gringos who travel to La Paz without a boat. Seriously, why would we ever do that?

Mexico A Go-Go   and

Baja Buena

Enjoy our checkered past.


S/V "nameless one' for now. Here's to finding the right name, and better luck next time on docking.

S/V “Nameless One’ for now. Here’s to finding the right name and having some honest to goodness sailing adventures.


9 thoughts on “Best of LCP

  1. I’ve been reading my diary – from the early days – and some of it is REALLY powerful, some makes us laugh out loud until we cry . . . some of it makes us cry literally! So I understand what you mean . . . One question . . . when did you buy the ‘no named’ boat and where . . . ? It looked like one we were interested in once – is it a Ted Brewer??

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if you may have been interested in this boat. We’ve met several people who have looked at it in the past and two couples who almost bought it. We met one couple in West Marine who had just bought a Gulf Star 50 and had seriously considered our boat. So weird. Yes, it’s a Ted Brewer Olympic Adventure 47, bought her in Astoria, oregon last October. Here is a link to the post about her:

      • Well, now I don’t think it was the same one, but VERY similar, I am pretty sure the layout was a bit different . . . and we were looking at this about four years ago . . . so don’t rely too much on our memory. We were looking at it from Australia, and Noel was thinking about flying over, then someone bought it. It was called something different (trying to remember), but it was the same design and same colour . . . bought back some memories of all that searching we did (oh, and it was in Portland) . . . anyhow, either way, you have a lovely lovely boat!

  2. What a great idea for a post – I love that you picked out some of your favorite posts to share. The Mexican holiday ones are quite funny. Remind me not to ride in a rental car with you guys – I’m scared of clowns 🙂

  3. Probably the same one as there is only one of these toy knowledge on this coast. When I first saw the listing it said Portland, probably because no one knows where Astoria is. Boat name was Walhachin, then Aquarius, then Andromeda

    • How funny, it WAS the same one – we were thinking about buying it when it was Aquarius in 2009 – but dithered as we still had some work to complete in Australia . . . it’s a small world.

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