And On the Seventh Day…

Even God took a break. So I guess we shouldn’t feel too awkward about taking one this weekend. Truly, Mike has trundled down to Astoria every weekend since Christmas to work on getting that new engine installed. It’s the better part of wisdom to take a break before burnout hits rather than waiting for the inevitable crash. This weekend Astoria is having winds of better than 40 knots, we’re waiting for the prop and the shaft to be delivered, and we’ve decided a weekend of hunkering down would not go amiss.

Still, I’ll bet even God, resting on His laurels as He observed all of creation, fidgeted Mightily on that seventh day. I wonder how must actual ‘resting’ He did? I’ll bet His mind was busy working on all the projects left undone. We know how He must have felt. Yesterday Mike came home with this in the back of the truck:

More work.

This is engine room insulation from Sound Down. It’s heavy, it’s expensive, and it’s beautiful. He was going to install it this weekend but somehow he didn’t get the wall fasteners he wanted to use. Because this stuff is so pricey, we want to do it right, including how it’s fastened to the wall. And it’s going to be a two person job, so I need to go down there, too.

I know you’ve all been wondering why I haven’t been going to Astoria, right? I know you lie awake at night perseverating on just how Melissa is getting out of making those long drives and why she doesn’t have to work in freezing temperatures. Two reasons. First, there is nothing I can do to move the engine process along. I mean, I can stand there and cheerlead, but I’m not very good at waving pompoms and my days of jumping high in the air are way over.  I could throw up, which I likely would have felt like doing when this happened:

Nauseated just looking at the photo.

Nope. No thanks. While I did begin to quietly shed a tear or two when Mike texted me the photo of the engine going into the boat, that little pity party was short lived. The fact is that things are going to go better if Mike doesn’t have to stop and explain things to me along the way during this process. This is called ‘trusting my husband to get it right’. It is also called denial. It’s just better if I don’t know some things.

But the real reason why I’ve been reprieved from duty is this:

Guilty of making mom stay home.

Our dog sitter, who is also our daughter, has gone to Scotland. We have a professional dog sitter, too, but she has been booked solid, and we’ve had little luck so far finding a new one. Dog sitters and diesel mechanics. They are both in high demand, I guess. We’ll work it out, but meanwhile, Skippy needs someone at home. He’s not allowed in the boat yard per their rules, and with the boat on the hard, it would be pretty hard to have him there anyway. So it’s been the path of least resistance for me to stay with him.

Ready to take Scotland and the world by storm!

So resting and relaxing it is! Although those 40 knot winds they predicted? They are here. At our house. Moving our big trees around and making things fly through the air. With wind like this, I feel safer on a boat. Better get this posted before we lose power.  




7 thoughts on “And On the Seventh Day…

  1. Good for you both. Taking a respite. Good to recharge brain and brawn. Sure to feel better, Mike will. Nice video of waving trees. I agree, boat is safer. Good luck on dog sitter search. We use for looking.

    We move temporarily during these stormy times to our little office/bed room ashore. Too much noise and rocking on boat obviously. If shore power goes, it is off to the boat.

    • Thanks for telling us about We’ll check that out. I am really missing having Moonrise right now, because I could always go down to the boat if the trees got too crazy for me. Very cozy down at the marina. It’s nice to have a place on land if the weather is too nasty, but having a boat is a good place to get away from really tall trees that like to throw branches around. Yes, taking a break clears the mind.

  2. Whenever we are faced with a really sad and scary boat issue, Mark reminds me “Absolutely everything in a boat is fixable”. Its my constant little mantra “fixable, fixable, fixable”

    40 knots sounds like an excellent reason to hunker down. Besides, you and Mike need a little time to dream- about making Andromeda yours and about all the places you will go. I have found that n order to survive a refit, you need to save 10% of your time for dreaming and scheming. 🙂

    • That’s funny, that’s what I always said about our house when we were remodeling. Anything done can be undone and it’s true. My other saying is ‘it’s only money’. And you can’t take it with you, right? I like Behan Gifford’s idea about having a huge map on the wall and pinning places you want to go. That seems like a fun thing to do in the dreaming category.

  3. Okay!!! For me it’s a toss-up…on land? Or at sea? I think even a sea granchor would have had trouble holding Andromeda in those waves…but in those gales a house in the woods leaves the “safe feeling” a little wanting

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