Northwest Heat Wave Antidote: 3,2,1 Margaritas

For our readers outside of the Pacific Northwest, when it gets above eighty degrees, folks in western Washington turn into veritable girls’ blouses. With temperatures in the nineties and high humidity, it is the equivalent of snow in Texas. Watercooler conversation at offices around Puget Sound revolve around how we survived the unbearable heat; how many fans we have running, should we buy an air conditioner, do I smell, etc.

It is true that we are having a pretty hot and saucy summer. Fortunately, I have the antidote thanks to Tate of Sundowner Sails Again. Tate and Dani are refitting a Westsail 32 in New Orleans so they know from heat; and humidity.

Tate’s recipe for Margaritas leaped into my reptilian brain this afternoon as I was anticipating another hot, sweaty evening with my feet in the Koi pond. When Melissa came home from a hard day of therapeutic listening, I had drinks, chips and Salsa Fresca ready for her.

Melissa enjoying a 3,2,1 Margarta. Mason Jar optional, but encouraged.

Melissa enjoying a 3,2,1 Margarita. Mason Jar optional, but encouraged.

Tate’s 3-2-1 Margaritas

  • 3 parts Anejo Tequila (we prefer Hornitos)
  • 2 parts Fresh Squeezed Lime
  • 1 part Triple Sec

Mix ingredients in whatever container you have handy, a large jar with a twist on top works best.  Shake around with some ice, and pour on the rocks or plain.

Salt the rim if you wish.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 .

See Dani’s original post here:

9 thoughts on “Northwest Heat Wave Antidote: 3,2,1 Margaritas

  1. Oh man Yes! I’ts the 1,2,3 season for sure. I love that recipe. It’s clean, potent and without all those sugary fillers the store bought mixes have, yuck!. I love the mason jar idea. Perfect.

  2. “Vertable girls’ blouses”? We’ve wracked our collective brain and can’t figure out what that means.

    Speaking of Mason jars: I bought some Kraken Black Spiced Rum in Mazatlán and it came in a “gift pack” that included two 1-pint Mason jars with the Kraken graphics silk-screened on the side. At the time I thought, “Oh yeah, like we’ll ever use these.” Now we use them every single day. Makes even drinking iced tea a fiesta!

    • I think our daughter introduced us to the girl’s blouse phrase. It is a British idiom, equivalent to calling someone a pansy.

      We will have to drink a toast with your Kraken jars the next time we get together.

      • OK, but just so I use the phrase correctly (and believe me, I WILL use it) do I refer to someone (or myself) as a “veritable girl’s blouse” or just as a “girl’s blouse”?

        Oh, and while we’re on the subject, you wouldn’t happen to know what a “pantywaist” actually is would you? I mean other than when used to refer to a pansy.


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