Boat Review – 2006 Hunter 31

To keep my hand in at looking at boats, I’m volunteering to look at and write up sailboats that are listed for sale, even if I’m not interested in buying them myself. Unless the boat is a complete loser, it’s a win/win for either a broker or boat owner because boats get more presence on line, and I get to see them and learn more about boats. You get to read about them.  Here’s the latest review:


2006 Hunter 31


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2 thoughts on “Boat Review – 2006 Hunter 31

  1. My friend has a nice Hunter upon which I have had the good fortune to cruise Lake Michigan. It sailed well. His summation of the Hunter oeuvre reflects mine, a “wine and cheese” yacht.

  2. I’ve never had the opportunity to sail on one, but I do think that wine and cheese in that cockpit would be lovely!

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