Damn You Downton Abbey!

Melissa and I acquired season three of [amazon_link id=”B0099Y2MYK” target=”_blank” ]Downton Abbey[/amazon_link] On Thursday Evening. As of Sunday Evening, we have only one thing to say: DAMN YOU DOWNTON ABBEY!

10 thoughts on “Damn You Downton Abbey!

    • Be filled with gratitude that you haven’t caught this addiction or you, too, would be suffering just now. We’ve avoided this disease by not having cable TV for about 20 years. Alas, DVD’s are available and we, unknowingly, succumbed to the first season. Let’s just say that the writers are on out ‘sh**’ list just now.

  1. I have just added Downton Abbey Season Three to our DVD envelope (holds 96 discs!) in readiness for our next big journey which starts when we leave NZ mid-April I can’t wait to start right from the beginning of Season One and carry on to the end of Season Three while we sail along on our way to New Caledonia. I reckon it will fill in those off watch hours nicely! YES!! Although… I may decide to watch them all while living on the boat for all of March while Bill is back in Calgary topping up the sailing kitty. What a conundrum!

    • I would advise a careful regimen of one episode per day at first so that you don’t hurt yourself.

      We watched the first two seasons so long ago that by the time we got the third season we were out of shape. We watched three episodes in one evening this weekend which resulted in toxic levels of aristocratic intrigue.

  2. Well, here’s what’s really spooky: we didn’t even know that was a Christmas special, nor that it was 2 hours long. I think we were in some kind of Downton Abbey time warp. Mike thinks we should start watching from the beginning again, but I say it’s too soon. I need to lick my wounds before moving on.

  3. I am easily addicted so I have carefully avoided watching ANY episode. My unseen TV recordings are already piling up and with an iPad at my elbow and my ability to no longer multitask (due to my advanced age) the TV is not on much.

    • Well, do you understand the suffering you are missing? May the writers of season three go to bed wearing hair shirts.
      Ok, maybe that’s a tad too much. But still…:)

  4. I’ve never watched the show, but it’s always been on my ‘to-watch’ list, if for nothing more than the costumes. I’m wondering now whether I should bother. It sounds like I might fall in love only to get treated badly in the end!

    • You would be taking a risk with this season’s shows. Time will tell, when the 4th season comes into play. We don’t generally get hooked on a TV show, because we haven’t had cable in about 20 years. I bought the first season at Costco on a fluke, looking for something to watch on the boat. We like British dramas like Masterpiece Theatre type stuff, all Dickensian and everything, so thought it looked like a go. We never dreamed we’d get addicted to it. But our relationship with this show is dangling by a thread now. They will have to earn our trust with some scathingly good writing next season or they are history for us.

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