Another One Bites the Dust!

Before Mike and I get settled for the evening watching our ‘stories’ (Just bought Season 3 of Downton Abbey. Yes!! I am dancing with glee.), I’d like to report that we may be personally responsible for sending another soul down the slippery slope of boat addiction. And we feel pretty darned good about that. How did we meet this vulnerable being, you ask? Why, through this blog! Along with being generally fun, it’s also a good social networking device, apparently.

Mike and John examine the names of ships anchored in the bay. Some of the names are really strange.

Mike and John examine the names of ships anchored in the bay. Some of the names are really strange.

We got a comment on the blog from a guy who we shall refer to here as ‘John’ (because that’s his name) introducing himself as someone who was interested in sailing and who was thinking about buying a sailboat. He was currently interested in a Hunter 31. That sounded like a challenge to us and so we took him on.  In fact, he lives in Tacoma only a couple of miles from the marina, works at Madigan Army Medical Center close to where we live,  and is a computer geek, like Mike. He’s at a point in his own life where he’s considering the addition of a sailboat to his life, because, as we said to him, ‘What else are you going to spend your money on?’.  After emailing back and forth for a day or so, we decided he offered us a good excuse for going out on Moonrise this weekend. So we invited him out for an afternoon sail.

It was a great time out on the water and Moonrise was happy to have left her slip for the first time in about a month. Mike and I were happy to be out on the water again, and our new friend, John, was pleased as all get out to be behind the wheel on an actual sailboat. He’s a natural. We actually had the jib out for a little while, but the winds were variable and light, so we feel fortunate that we got even that much ‘sailing’ in. Still, I had made lunch of egg salad sandwiches (due to the extreme amount of fresh eggs we are getting lately), chips, and our favorite beer, so it didn’t really matter if the wind was up. Just being out there, having lunch and fellowship was good enough. As John commented, there is something about just being on the water that allows stress to drain away. Does that sound like someone who is going to eventually own a boat? I submit to you that it does.

The name seems to have nothing to do with the actual look of the ship.

The name seems to have nothing to do with the actual look of the ship.

So if we are at least partly responsible for sending John home with stars in his eyes, well, we’re big enough to take it. And we hope to have him back out on Moonrise with us when the wind kicks up a bit. Then he’ll REALLY be starstruck!

10 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust!

  1. Oh how fun! Aren’t these blogs great? I tell you, no matter how you try your photos make me shiver, I mean seriously is it snowing in the one above? I can’t tell, lol.

    Tate and I didn’t get into sailboat till just 3 years ago. Granted we grew up the water and power boats, but not sail boats. To me there were always those awesome boats “with the bed inside”. Now I’m so glad we own one. It is a labor of love and nothing beats the freedom it affords you.

    So tell us again why he is interested in a Hunter and not Moonrise?

    • Ha! No, it’s not snowing at this time. It actually wasn’t that cold out there, probably in the high ’40s. I know that sounds cold, but all things are relative. Had the wind actually been blowing, it would have been shivery, for sure. What you are seeing is our usual gray cast over the world during winter. We were just happy it wasn’t raining.

      So right that nothing beats the freedom of a sailboat. He’s in the dreaming stage right now.

  2. I think the best thing about blogging is most definitely the people you meet. So glad that you were able to help John along on parting with all of his time and money. Why would he want a Hunter 31 when Moonrise is available? Just saying….

  3. We are always nothing if not eager to introduce people to the joys of owning a boat, even if it does mean parting with a certain amount of money, right? Sometimes joy is not measure in dollar signs, as we’ve all discovered. Moonrise is the first boat he’s been on in a long time, so he’s really just in the ‘what if I owned a boat’ stage of awareness. It’s developmental. One cannot rush it.

  4. Hey guys!

    I wanted to thank you again for having me out! It was SUCH a great day. I had a BLAST just hanging out and talking… you mean it gets better than that if there is some actual WIND? THAT would be something to experience! you know, you never know… I might be able to return the favor if i get a boat, and you are in-between boats! wouldn’t that be cool? the picture you took of me driving the boat actually makes me look like an old salt… and I don’t usually like pictures of myself… You two are GOOD PEOPLE, and I will always remember that afternoon. I am honored you might want to have me back on Moonrise… I really do like the design… and she purred like a kitten and handled GREAT.

    • Melissa and I had a great time as well John. Going nowhere slowly with good company is just about as good as it gets.

      Despite the light wind, it was great to get out and feel the water again. Even though we have Moonrise in sale ready condition, I am going to put together a sail kit so that Melissa and I can jump in the car with our gear, a hamper of food and go out for a few hours while we can still enjoy her.

      Drop us a line if you find a boat that you are interested in. We will be happy to share our opinions, biased though they may be.

  5. How cool is it to meet a reader of your blog and take him sailing?! Isn’t it great to meet new people and show them something new … especially sailing! Like you said, just being on the water is a treat. We haven’t been on Nirvana since August … way too long!

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