We’re Still Here! Happy Solstice to All!

Apparently the world is still here, at least so far. The Winter Solstice, the day I look forward to starting on June 21, has arrived and, at least as of this writing, Earth is holding its own. No fanfare, no nothing. Oh, except all the ‘End of the World’ parties. I prefer to think of this time as ‘The End of the World as We Know It’, and based on the horrible news of this week, we can only hope that this is true. If we’re in the beginning of a new cycle, indeed, then let it be one filled with joy and hope and love for all creatures.

In the smallness of our own lives, I celebrate the return of the sun, as well as the birth of the Son, by reflecting on all that is good here at home. This includes the fact that we will be with both of our children on this winter day. Our plan is to spend this metaphorical end to the world, and beginning of the new world, by going to see the King Tut exhibit at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. I plan to be in awe and inspired and to meditate on how we are all connected to this rich history in one way or another.

Here are some images from this special winter solstice day in 2012. May we all find our own peace on Earth.

I am not allergic to fake trees. I revel in the Dr. Seuss quality of this tree.

Love this Coral Bark maple.

Winter hydrangea

Anna’s Hummingbird. We have many of them and they fight over the feeders. They are hilarious!

Grevillea victoriae, a shrub from New Zealand that blooms almost the entire year here. I originally grew it for the hummingbirds, but now I love it for itself.

The entertaining and personable chickens. They now come running to me when I go out, clucking loudly.

A final note, in case you were wondering, this is where Santa’s elves live during the year. I took this with my phone, in pouring rain, in a moving car. Hence the hideous quality. Still, now you know.

9 thoughts on “We’re Still Here! Happy Solstice to All!

    • I love the white tree. It’s totally fake, and totally easy, and really brightens up the room. It reminds me of my husband’s grandmother somehow.

  1. Great photos Melissa! And another End of the World scare comes and goes and now we are able to carry on hopefully having thought a bit about how we might do things differently 🙂 Love the chickens photo. Such fun!

    • Yes, I think that should the world ever end, we’re not going to know it in advance. But it was a really good excuse to get all of us together under one roof, and the Tut exhibit was terrific!

  2. Bill and I saw the First Tut exhibit when they had that magnificent mask in a room of its own with black walls and a spotlight on it. I was awe awestruck as we entered that room. And I went back and re-entered three times! There was definitely an aura filling that room.

  3. An excellent post, as always. I love your photos, and that tree is magnificent. So is your garden. I raise a glass of cider in a northern direction, and toast to you, spending time with your little tribe, enjoying each other’s company, reflecting on the year behind, and mapping the year ahead with big hopes and broad dreams. Merry Christmas, my friend!

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