Another Cheap Trick – A Pretty Cool Boat Seat

I can’t take any credit for this cool trick. When Mike and I went to Vancouver a couple of weeks ago to look at boats, we looked at a 1971 Nautor Swan 40. I’ve added a boat review for that boat here. While that didn’t turn out to be the boat for us, I noticed the owner of this boat had a very cleverly done seat on the foredeck, close to the mast. I tucked this idea away for future reference and to share with readers.

It even has matching canvas, which totally makes sense considering how nicely kept this boat is.

He showed me that the seat could be placed on any winch, as the connector was basically the same as a winch handle.  I can totally see how useful this trick is! Sometimes you just want to sit on deck in a proper seat rather than on the deck itself. And this can be removed and stored away when you don’t need it. Wish I could have thought of it myself, but thanks, Swan owner, for this excellent trick. I hope you sell your beautiful boat soon.

Seems straight forward enough, which is how all the best ideas seem to work.

9 thoughts on “Another Cheap Trick – A Pretty Cool Boat Seat

    • I know what you mean. We don’t have an available winch on Moonrise for a seat like this. But if we keep that boat, maybe we will arrange one!

  1. I love this! What a great (and simple) idea. At the Annapolis boat show, the company that makes nav pods ocean displayed an assortment of winch-insert holders for cups, mini table tops, iPad holders, etc. Yay for efficiency on a boat. Thanks for taking the time to snap & share!

    • Belinda, I went to that site hoping to find the winch-inserts and couldn’t find them. Is it possible that they were specials just for the boat show?

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