Post Vacation Projects: Plumbing

Our galley sink wasn’t terrible but it sure wasn’t great. It was a standard issue, 1975 faucet for cold water only. I tried to make it a little more versatile by adding a sprayer but even that was pretty cheap.

The Old Galley Sink

I had a thought that a proper kitchen faucet with a built in sprayer would be handy. I scoped out the faucets at our hardware store but such a set up would be around a hundred dollars. That seemed kind of high for what is really just a convenience item. As luck would would have it, Melissa and I were shopping at a second hand marine store   (Second Wave Marine Consignment) Where I found just such a faucet for fifty dollars. To make the deal even sweeter, the guy at checkout marked it down to thirty dollars because I have nice eyes.

New Sink

Our shiny new faucet from Second Wave Marine Supply. Did I mention it cost me thirty bucks?

So, after three or four trips to the hardware store for plumbing bits and pieces, we have a nice new faucet. It is much higher than the old faucet which makes washing and filling pots easier. This little project also allowed me to cover a hole in the countertop that looked like it been hewn by a disgruntled marmot. If we ever decided to add a salt water faucet, that hole is covered up but still available.

Fill a pot with water at the stove? Don’t mind if I do.

Call me easily amused, now I smile every time use our new faucet.

8 thoughts on “Post Vacation Projects: Plumbing

    • The pressure is just adequate. It is certainly fine for so small a sink but you would be disappointed with the volume and pressure in your home. Also, since we have only cold water, I capped off the hot water side of the faucet. This has the effect of reducing the pressure if the faucet handle is turned towards the hot water side. I consider it just one more way I can preserve our precious fresh water.

  1. That is so nice!! I love the idea of being able to use for hair washing too:D.

    We won’t have pressure water but are definitely on the market for a new faucet. I wonder if we’ll find one with a detachtable head that can be used with a foot pump.

    • Dani, I have not seen such a faucet. Operating it might be a little like patting your head and rubbing your tummy. I like the foot operated faucets myself and I think they help greatly with conserving fresh water. I hope we do not become profligate water user just because of this new faucet. If we keep Moonrise, a seawater faucet would be my next plumbing project. That would reduce consumption greatly.

  2. Looks wonderful! We are in the midst of changing out our galley sinks and faucets. Besides the main fresh water faucet we have a salt water faucet that can switch over from salt to fresh water when needed and is operated with a foot pump which we love!

    • I wish we had a seawater faucet with a foot pump. I think that would greatly reduce our freshwater consumption. I have not seen the type that can be switched from fresh to seawater. I’ll have to do a little research. Do you have a link you can share?

  3. I’m so jealous. A new faucet is on my list, and this one looks perfect. And what a price! It looks great, and the proximity of your sink and stove is brilliant. I know people who have spent extraordinary amounts of money to have restaurant style flex-hoses installed on pulleys above the stove to fill pots with water, and you’ve got that with $30 and some labor. Nicely done! It appears to be a standard sink faucet; was there any trouble matching parts with your boat plumbing?

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