Olympic Fever Sweeps Over Moonrise

Aside from parachuting monarchs, what has been your favorite Olympic event? Women’s Sailing? Yeah, us too. Melissa has been working feverishly on her form, hoping to win a berth at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Sadly, Paige placed 8th in the 2012 Laser Radial events. Melissa will see you Rio!

Melissa has been practicing her tacks, gibes and naps aboard Moonrise most of this summer.  Here is a rare glimpse of the athlete at practice. Notice the studied concentration. She is in the zone!

Feel the Burn! Focus! Execute! Win!

And be sure to wish Melissa a Happy Birthday (August 7th) as she embarks on her Olympic quest for gold.

5 thoughts on “Olympic Fever Sweeps Over Moonrise

  1. I really do not think you can navigate a boat the size of Moorise from a hammock – even if it is on the bow!!!!! But then I realize there is nothing you will not attempt so more power to you.

    • Well, I actually did ride in the hammock while were underway, even if I did not navigate. It was a bit of a wild ride and I decided the water was actually too cold for me to take the chance of getting thrown overboard, so I went back to the cockpit. Still, fun while it lasted.

  2. Sorry to have missed your birthday. Hope it was great. Your form looks absolutely perfect. Now you need a margarita to go with it.

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