Melissa Gets a Boat for Her Birthday

Melissa’s birthday was subdued this year by the fact that our son, Andrew, had his tonsils scooped out on Thursday. The surgery was a success and Andrew is recovering nicely, but as you might imagine, our attention was elsewhere.

Andrew, pre-surgery, modeling the latest in hospital couture. Ellen approves.

Andrew, pre-surgery, modeling the latest in hospital couture. Ellen approves.

By Saturday we were all ready to relax and celebrate by making Melissa wear an amusing hat while listening to our dirge-like rendition of Happy Birthday.

Melissa, wearing the traditional birthday sombrero of our people. Note how most photos of this woman seem to include a hammock.

My gift to Melissa this year was a watercolor of our Cal 34, Moonrise,  painted by Alex Kimball. We met Alex at a Puget Sound Cruising Club event a few months back and a mutual friend suggested that he might have time for this project. As you can see, Alex captured Moonrise beautifully.

Watercolor of Moonrise

Watercolor of Moonrise by Alex Kimball

Perhaps one of the reasons Alex was able to so faithfully render the Cal 34 is because as a young man he actually worked the at Cal/Jensen factory building these boats.  Spooky, huh?

In addition to the watercolor, Melissa got Jimmy Cornell’s World Voyage Planner [amazon_link id=”1408140292″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]World Voyage Planner[/amazon_link]

And one of our local favorites, the Waggoner Cruising Guide [amazon_link id=”1932310452″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Waggoner Cruising Guide 2012: The Complete Boating Reference[/amazon_link]

The World Voyage Planner is Jimmy Cornell’s latest work and looks to be a terrific addition to our sailing library. With just the one copy, I can see conflict brewing already.



5 thoughts on “Melissa Gets a Boat for Her Birthday

  1. Oh WOW! What an awesome watercolor. I love that Melissa is at the helm.

    What a thoughtful and wonderful gift!

    I can feel the love, more than half way across the country.

    • When we sold our first boat, Saucy Sue, Melissa had a watercolor done for my birthday and it is one of my favorite gifts. I think Melissa has bonded with Moonrise the way I bonded with the Saucy Sue.

      My hope is that our next boat will have a place for this painting and we can remember all the great adventures we had on her.

  2. Happy B-Day, Melissa. And glad that Andrew is recovering nicely. Why didn’t you get those things out years ago??? He gets lots of ice cream, you know. And what a sweetie pie husband to get you such a terrific gift!!

  3. Hello there fellow adventure planners. Thanks for the comments on our blog. So glad to have found you. That watercolor is lovely – and what a wonderful documentation of this part of your family’s history. We’ll be reading along now, as you’re a little ahead of us in The Plan, so we’ll watch your trailblazing trends. And as an aside, I just gave my husband Don a hammock for our boat. Hammocks are good. 🙂

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