This Just In! New Updates as the Story Unfolds…

This is just unnatural!

Moonrise is on the hard! Sure, we’re selling this boat, but since we haven’t found that one special buyer yet, we’re going to be sailing her until we do. I still want that trip down the west coast this summer. Summer is coming! Adventure awaits! Therefore, she needs her bottom cleaned and painted, and needs a small repair to the fiberglass where I had a close encounter with an uncharted rock up in Barkely Sound. It was a small thing, but we wanted to take care of it.

Here she is, being lifted out of the water. Watch Mike. He is positioning himself for the best possible view of her hull as she is lifted. He cannot wait!

So stay tuned! This story is unfolding even now and we’ll post full lurid details, complete with photos of her bare hull!  Meanwhile, would you let this man take you home?

Please don't hate him because he's beautiful.

Take me home. Now.

8 thoughts on “This Just In! New Updates as the Story Unfolds…

    • You KNOW we did, Gwen! Why pay someone to do a job you can do better yourself? No one cares as much about our boat as we do.

  1. LOVE the pics of you guys!! That is one thing I wish I saw more of, is pics of the people doing the blog. You want to capture this time in your life..Let the world see you:)

    I’m excited for ya’lls trip down the coast, how fun!

    • Keep your fingers crossed that we get to go! I just want the experience of it, regardless of which boat we have at the time. Photos? Yes, this is how we look ALL the time! LOL!

  2. You two are a mess! But Moonrise is a beauty it is obvious that you love her like family. Are you REALLY going to be able to let her go when the time comes?

    • It will be hard, but we must do it in order to move forward with ‘the plan’. We’ll love the next boat as much, we hope, and she’ll find the next family to love her.

  3. What kind of paint did you use, and how long did it take? Can you tell we’re going to have to do this soon? Love the pics of you guys, btw, and can’t wait to hear about your adventures down the coast!

    • Hi there! We used Interlux Brightside. We used it last time we painted and it lasted 2 1/2 years around here. Actually, the hull looked terrific. If we’d had the boat hauled out in the early morning, and had the weather cooperated, we would have been able to finish it in a day and have her back in the water the next day. Alas, that is not the case. But suffice to say that we did a good job the first time, sanding her smooth and fixing any little blisters, and that held us in good stead this time.

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