A Beautiful Weekend…. On Land.

My 'daffodil' rhodies.

We finally have decent weather in the Pacific Northwest! This weekend it hit 80 degrees, with blue skies and the sun acting as though it had been there all along. We wait all year for this weather. It’s the only reason many of us continue to live here through the dark disgusting winter season. The garden is filled with the majesty of spring.  So naturally our thoughts turned to being out on the boat.

“Oh good!”, the loyal reader exclaims! “They went out on the boat and there will be cool sailing photos. ”

But that is not what happened. We did not get out on the boat. You cannot possibly be more disappointed than we are about the fact that weekends are only 2 days long and one cannot be more than one place at a time, at least not in this dimension.

Alliums are in full dazzle.

When a certain mother and her daughter both have gift certificates to a certain spa and they want to go together, and the daughter works in Seattle Monday-Friday, then that mother/daughter pair must go to the spa on a Saturday. So we did. And after my body was scrubbed until it shone, I went outside to get dirty. I spent the rest of the day gardening. Being too clean and relaxed sends the wrong message to others. A little dirt under the nails calms down that kind of expectation.

And when that same mother has a son who is away at college and is coming home for the weekend to do the Color Run in Seattle on Mother’s Day, and then wants to go out to lunch with that mother, after which there will be a drive to Redmond,well, you can see that the two day weekend is now shot to heck in terms of going out on the boat for a day.

But all is not lost! There were some boats involved in this weekend. While in Seattle we took a little wander down to the Chittendon Locks in Ballard. The locks were named after a man named Hiram, and Mike’s grandfather’s name was Hiram, so we feel a special affinity for these locks. Also we wanted to see how they work because we’ve never been through them and we hear horror stories. You know, there are horror stories about just about everything. Locks are only one of many subjects.

This combination makes me happy.

After watching the locks open and close letting boats in and out between the salt water of Salmon Bay and the fresh water lakes, I’ve determined that once more, I am correct in assuming that if hundreds of thousands of people accomplish something with ease, we can too. Yep, it looks dead easy. You wait your turn, go in, tie up to the buttons on the wall, wait for the doors to open, then go out. I’m pretty sure we can hack it. So we hope to take a multi-day trip up to Lake Washington this summer, since we’ve never done that.

I took a couple of videos while up at the locks. Also, since there are no sailing photos, I took some of the garden and stuck them in this post. If I have to be on land, may as well enjoy what it has to offer. What’s that they say… bloom where you are planted? Well, I’m trying.

Watch the massive doors open in this video. Also hear the wind that we are missing out on by being on land.


Watch how they pack the boats in. It could make me a little nervous having other boats that close, but at least they are not moving fast.

6 thoughts on “A Beautiful Weekend…. On Land.

  1. Your yard is absolutely gorgeous!! Great work, Geesh it could be in a movie.

    It’s not all about being on the boat, but enjoying life, nature. You are doing just that.

    I am awaiting the day Tate and I cross the Panama Locks…

  2. Thanks! I try to remind myself that plants will still be available when I get back from voyaging. Don’t know if I have another big garden in me, though. We imagine ourselves going through the Panama Canal, too. Some day.

  3. I can only hope. The last house we sold looks like crap now. I can’t believe the travesty that used to be my garden at that house. But life goes on. I’m trying to get the gardens to a point where they are beautiful without a lot of care. In general, that’s happening, but the weeding is still labor intensive. I think about hiring that out. A lot.

  4. How long is the going through the locks process? I imagine there could be quite a back up on a busy day. Sort of like waiting in the ferry line…

    Of course, your garden is gorgeous as ever. You must have the DGers over for one last look around party before you sell/move, when the time comes.

  5. Yes, I think it might get a little crowded on weekends like this one. Glad I don’t have to rely on going through the locks to get onto the sound.
    I haven’t been on Dave’s Garden in awhile. I’d love to get the old gang together for a last hurrah. Still don’t know what we’ll do about the house. Fortunately we don’t have to decide that now. I’m focusing on allowing the garden to tend itself, except for weed control. That’s a full time gardening job anyhow.

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