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Wish I could say my car ever looked this good. Maybe before Andrew learned to drive, and before he pulled one of the door handles off.

We’re making headway! We might not have the right boat yet, but we’re already getting rid of cars, and thank goodness! People were thinking our place was a used car lot. Mike and I both had cars, and both kids have cars, plus we store our friend’s big honkin’ truck at our place because it’s better for him, and we can then use it when we need to. That’s 5 cars, with only 3 people living in the house. The only up side to that is that it always looks like someone is at home.

So today we sold my 2000 Mazda MPV.

This car was a true suburban ‘mom’ car. I toted my kids and their friends in that car. I hauled plants, furniture, and carloads of groceries in that car. We took family trips in the car, with the middle seats removed so the kids could stretch their legs out.  It was an excellent car in every respect in that it expected little from me, and gave me a lot in return. The engine remains strong to this day. I’d say that car was a good investment when you factor in all the use we’ve had from it in the 8 years we’ve owned it.

We sold it to a nice young couple with a little 3 year old girl, and another little girl on the way at the end of March. They need a van for their growing family, and we needed money for our cruising kitty. I feel good about their getting my car, knowing that it will make this young mom’s life a little easier having a car large enough to tote children and groceries, and all the other things young moms tote around.

So we just made a nice little deposit into the cruising kitty! That feels like progress to us.

3 thoughts on “Used Car Parking Lot

  1. That is a GOOD thing Melissa… I believe strongly in kittys…. Keep going… the result will feel so much sweeter when the time is right…

  2. One more stp to the sea. Good on you! A journey worth it’s rewards is achieved by a lot of “little steps”

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