The Westerly 39

S/V Spellbound

Today we saw a boat that is sure to end up on our short list. It’s a 1985 Westerly ‘Sealord’ 39.  I’ve been waiting to see this boat for months and can’t believe it hasn’t yet sold. If the name of the boat could sell the boat, we’d buy this one. The name is ‘Spellbound’, a name which perfectly captures how I feel so many times when we’re out on our boat. If we bought this boat, we’d leave the name as is.

Interestingly, there is an old Island Trader (I think) with the same name docked at our marina. I have always been interested in that boat. It was for sale, but it had be i en neglected for so many years that it needed just about everything. Still, the name of that big yellow boat, and it’s little yellow dingy, ‘Little Misspell’, attracted me. Last summer, tired of being curious, I kayaked over to the boat and climbed out on the dock so I could peak through the ports. I believe that was when I first fell for the ‘heavy teak interior’ look. It might not sail well in light wind, but it sure makes a nice cabin.  I still wonder about the stories that boat could tell. But I’m digressing.

Anyway, we really liked this boat. Now we just need to get Moonrise sold so we can move this process forward. I turn this over to the Universe, knowing that Moonrise will sell at the right time, and that the perfect boat will be available for us when that happens. It’s just nice to see a boat that gives us visions of a future living aboard and sailing.

For a further review of the boat, go here to our boat reviews page and scroll down to the last boat. This one is just below that Cal 39 we looked at, which is also still on our short list. Now we just need to get ourselves up to Vancouver and look at the Spencer 1330 that has been for sale up there for months. Of course, that would probably confuse me and give me too many boat options. I will take the chance.

5 thoughts on “The Westerly 39

  1. A friend of ours has a Westerly, and we’ve been out on it several times. I love the way it sails and maneuvers, and the interior rocks! An aft cabin, v-berth and two heads? Who wouldn’t love that?

  2. That’s great to know! One of the questions Mike has about this boat is how the keel is attached. Would your friend be willing to let Mike email him a few questions about the boat? Yes, the interior does totally rock on this boat. That is for sure. Great engine access, too.

  3. That Westerly 39 is a real beauty. Much like the one my college friend’s dad built himself in the very large garage. Then had to tear down the garage to get it to the launch. Went out in the Atlantic on its maiden voyage with my friend and her dad. Even got to man the helm. Let me tell you that Atlantic is a very angry piece of blue water. Mike, he worked at the Ford plant in Detroit and made all the hardware himself at work on his lunches and breaks.

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