Boat Show? No Go!

This weekend we were planning to attend the boat show in Seattle. Seattle has a huge boat show every winter and you can go from booth to booth seeing all the new technology available for boats of all kinds. You can also go on new sailboats and see what the designers have been up to lately. That part is fun as long you you avoid looking at the  prices. The danger of shows like the boat show is that you can walk away feeling as though sailing is a sport for the rich only. What is the solution to that problem?

Go sailing, of course! So that’s what we did. We skipped the boat show entirely this year and instead we spent the weekend on Moonrise. We had an unseasonably ‘warm’ (a word which here means 50 degrees) and sunny weekend so, despite the probability of no wind, we took Moonrise and headed south to Anderson Island. We got lucky and there was enough of a breeze to actually do some sailing. Lest people forget why we do this, here are some photo reminders.

Only one other boat on the water, and it was a sailboat. A sailboat which overtook our boat and passed us smartly, making us feel like novices. Actually, he just stayed in the middle of the channel rounding Pt. Defiance, so he kept the wind.

Drinking hot tea, under a blanket, to stay warm. Thank goodness for the sunshine.

Mt. Rainier, as seen from our quiet anchorage. The water was as still as a lake.

Sailing home under jib alone, into the ubiquitous Pacific Northwest photo of the ferry with the mountain in the background. Sorry it's fuzzy. I had one hand on the wheel.

Final shot of the mountain as we approach the marina.



15 thoughts on “Boat Show? No Go!

  1. Yes, it was mighty chilly. But that suffering was nothing compared to what we experienced when we got home and discovered that people had seen whales in Colvos passage! And we had gone the other way! AARRRGGHHH!

  2. During our honeymoon Dani and I went to a boat show in New Orleans at the Superdome. It was a huge bummer. Apparently the boat shows down here only cater to stinkboats and fisherman. Not one piece of sailing equipment. The only “sailing” related thing at the whole show was the power squardron booth! I envy the folks along the east and west coasts that actually have stuff they can go see for sailors.

  3. AHH, that IS too bad! What a bummer! Only solution is to plan to come up here for the next show! Actually there are a lot of boat shows in this area, Seattle’s is just the biggest one.
    Last year we went down to San Diego for their boat show. We wanted to get some sunshine and see some boats. It was a complete waste of time. Very few boats, and very few booths. What a joke. But the trip was nice anyhow.

  4. I fully expected a Boat Show report today with some moaning thrown in for good measure (at least, I always moan after going to the Vancouver Boat Show). What a great day to be out on the water though!! You made a good choice. Oh how I miss being out on the water… there’s nothing to compare. I am glad for you!

    • We’ve thought about going up to the Vancouver show. Sandra, you really need a boat! I hope you can find a way to get out on the water soon.

  5. Nice photos! There was a boat show in Houston a while back, and though we didn’t go, we heard that it was not a great experience. Again, lots of stuff for powerboats and fishing but nada for sailors. And everything was expensive. Looks like your sailing trip was the wise choice!

    • I wonder what’s up with the boat shows down in the southern areas. You guys have the great weather for sailing. Seems like a natural thing for there to be more of a focus on it at the boat show. At least you didn’t waste your time going. There were some good seminars offered at the one here, but I figure we’ll catch them next time since we’ll likely still be here.

    • Yeah! Not soon enough for me, though. It was mighty cold out there, but lovely. Really lovely. Next time, we see where the whales are FIRST and then we go. I would be so psyched to see whales close to home. They come down around Vashon Island often, but we always miss them.

  6. What beautiful photos. Makes me feel like I was on the boat. No amount of wishful touring of a Boat Show could equal what you and Mike together – on the water – with the wind for one of your crew experienced that day!

    • 🙁 I’m sorry to hear it! But your boat is going to be so beautiful when you are finished and spring is really here. Soon you’ll be out on the water.

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