What’s Your Favorite Color?

Money Money Money!

Mine is green, the color of sweet, sweet moola. When Mike and I got serious about the cunningness of our little plan, we looked at all the ‘stuff’ we were going to be tossing out and realized just how much money we actually throw away on things we have barely used, not to mention all the crap we bought our kids that THEY hardly used. So up went the Craigslist ads and back onto Ebay I went. We opened a savings account and dedicated all of our funds from the sale of our junk to that account. We don’t even buy a latte with that money.

Thanks to our dogged determination to list things until they sell, and the magic of the interweb, our account is growing. Today we sold a sewing machine and an old ship’s porthole that’s just been sitting around in my yard. We’re getting quite a nice little nest egg started in that account. If I had to spend that money on a boat thing I could buy a sail, or a set of new cushions, or new running rigging, or half of a new autopilot, or radar, or 2/3 of a head sail furler…  Suffice to say that I am easily pleased by any progress we make at this point.

To date, here is what I deeply regret having tossed out: Nothing.

Here is what I marginally regret having tossed out: Nothing.

I believe I am ready for the Great Purge, Part 2. Anyone need an old dresser to refinish? I’m your girl. $125.00. Burled maple. Beveled mirror. Cash only. You pick up in my Lakewood location.

Really great old chest of drawers needs new home. Maybe yours? Because I know you need a project.



6 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Color?

  1. My favourite color is Caribbean blue. It used to be Wedgewood blue but then I went to the Caribbean and everything changed for me, including that.

    I love that dresser. What a bargain!

  2. My favorite color is red. It pops everything it touches. But I do LOVE “green” too. You can do SO much with “green” and it “goes with” whatever your heart desires. Cheers to you and Mike and LOTS OF GREEN!!!

  3. Have you thought about including links to your ebay store, or etsy shop? I’m broke, broke, broke, but if I was spending, I’d like to see my money go somewhere really wonderful, and helping fund a dream is a pretty cool thing…but, I might not want to talk about buying stuff from you in a thread….goofy me, maybe…

  4. I don’t have an ebay store or an etsy store at this point. What I’ll probably be doing is creating a page on this website where I list the items I’ve made for sale, with a paypal button. I might do ebay or etsy later if it looks like it would be worth it. It’s going to take me awhile to get the items to the point where I think they are good enough to sell to someone.

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