We’re Legit!

Now we HAVE to go!

Look what the mailman delivered today! We’re feeling pretty legit around the Cunning Plan household now that we have real business cards. We haven’t bought a boat yet, or rented our house out yet, or quit our jobs yet, but, by golly and furry kittens we’ve got cards and a website and that means we’re doing it! It’s a milestone. And when we get our boat, I’ll have more printed up with the boat name on them. And then we’ll REALLY be cooking with gas.

So if you see one of us and we hand you a Little Cunning Plan business card, please just take it and smile as if we were a real live business. It will encourage us and it’s just a lot less complicated that way.

7 thoughts on “We’re Legit!

  1. Hey! Those business cards carry a WHOLE lot of joy, happiness, excitement and promised adventure in them. It leaks out every time you draw one out and gaze at it. Garaunteed!!!

  2. Well, it will be more exciting when we actually get to the point where we can do it. Don’t forget, we still have a kid in college. The plan is well in advance of the leaving, unfortunately. I’d leave today if we could, but we can’t. No point in getting nervous about it.

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