Shout Out

Ernie doing some 'splaining about engines!

I’ve updated the Boat Reviews page with commentary and loads of photos of the boats we looked at yesterday and today, so check it out. I’ll be posting more about our trip in the next couple of days, but for now I’d like to offer a bit of a ‘shout out’ for Ernie Moquin who showed us several nice boats yesterday. Ernie and his wife, Cindy, are preparing to go on a two year mission cruise to the south Pacific. Ernie spent a lot of time with us, away from his normal job as a boat mechanic and general all round ‘boat guy’, even though he knew it was unlikely we’d make an offer on a boat that day. I’m always particularly grateful when people go out of their way to help us out, even when they are not guaranteed to make money doing so. If more people were that way, the world would be a great place all the time.

Pastor Ernie is humble and earnest in his love of God and is excited to begin his ocean voyage spreading the word. If you are looking for a worthwhile place to donate some funds, check out his website and make a donation with Paypal. I know Ernie and Cindy will put it to good use. His website is

Fair winds and good karma, Ernie and Cindy! God go with you in your travels.

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