It’s a Merry Library Christmas at Little Cunning Plan

Mike is reading from the 'go small and go now' genre.

It’s Christmas and I know the question on your mind is this: ” What does the well-heeled, crap-discarding, boat-shopping couple give one another for Christmas?” Well, you can stop fretting about this and get some sleep, because I’m going to tell you: Books. Lots and lots of books about boats and cruising. And a kitchen aid mixer, but since I can’t imagine storing that on a boat, we’ll just move on from that now.

Yes, this Christmas, rather than supporting the economy by buying a lot of useless junk that no one wants, I went directly to my local book store, (and also Half Price Books) and bought books on the top-secret inner workings of sailboats, how to sail on a paltry sum of money, and how to outfit a boat for blue water sailing by spending a million dollars. We will be busily reading these for weeks to come.

Mike must have been a very good boy this year.

Got a boat library of your own? Drop us a line and let us know what books you think we need. For a complete list of the books we bought and what we think about them, see our new ‘Books You Should Get If You Want To‘ page. To find that page, go to The Plan in the menu at the top of the page.




8 thoughts on “It’s a Merry Library Christmas at Little Cunning Plan

  1. For inexpensive books of all kinds, see if you can locate a “Friends of the Library” associated with the library of any city you harbor in. Hardbacks start at a dime and go as high as four dollars depending on the publishing date. And there are hundreds of paperbacks for a quarter. These books are donated to the Friends from estates and private libraries. Proceeds support the library.

    • So true. We have a ‘Friends of the Lakewood Library’ organization here where we live and I love their sales. Haven’t found any sailing books there yet, but I’ve bought plenty of other things.

  2. And just where on your “mammoth” boat do you plan to stash your growing library about the sea and boating and cruising and sailboats and life on the sea???

  3. Well, we have this little item called a ‘book case’! Actually most boats we know have a book case. But we definitely will not be taking all these books with us. Only the ones about engine maintenance, etc. Plus, I’m considering a kindle! Thousands of books, one tiny device with backlighting, making it easy to read in bed. Heaven!

  4. It seems your link to “Books You Should Get if You Want” page is broken. I’m assuming that happened when you took down “The Plan” section of your menu. As I’m at the very beginning of selling my life to a boat and the sea, I was hoping you still had that list of books…

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