Black Friday

So here is how our Black Friday went. Hint: this is not about shopping. We will not be contributing much to the economy this year.

The Agenda: Take Skippy to park and walk hills for an hour. Then return home and finish cleaning out Claire’s room so she can move back home for awhile. Go through old yearbooks and take photos so the yearbooks can be tossed. Rearrange furniture to make room for the many pieces that will soon be landing on the doorstep.

Level of excitement about the day’s agenda: Low to very low.

Current weather conditions: sunny, temp in low 50’s.

Weather forecast for the rest of Thanksgiving weekend: Torrential rain.

Reality check: Go sailing.

View of Mt. Rainier from the deck of Moonrise.

It was Skippy’s first time aboard Moonrise. He was not amused.

Skippy, being un-amused.


We sailed over to see the sea lions, who were making an astounding amount of noise. Well, these aren’t, but the other ones on the other side of the barge were.

Really loud sea lions.

Skippy was very afraid of the sea lions and their noise. He’s basically a little afraid of everything.

Andrew encouraging Skippy to love the sea lions.

Finally Skippy understood that the floor of the cockpit was the warmest place for him, and also the place where he could keep an eye on people above and below at the same time.

Skippy getting smart.

Light winds, but it doesn’t get much better than this in late November on Puget Sound.




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