Carpe diem, right? What the….(insert curseword of choice here)??

So today was a work day. I work downtown, Tacoma, on the waterfront in a lovely office. After walking the dog briskly around the neighborhood, I take off to work in a pretty good mood considering all the dark rainy days we’ve had lately. I get downtown and see that the sun is shining and it’s fairly warm, plus the wind is blowing. The discerning reader will understand what this means: we must go sailing.I call Mike.
“Hey, baby, what time do you get off of work today? Can you leave early? The sun is shining, it’s fairly warm, and there is good wind.”He knows exactly where I’m going with this.“I can get off around 5:00. How about I get gluten-free burgers and meet you at the Moonrise for a dinner sail?”

We agree easily and decide to meet at the boat at 6:00. Time’s a-wasting and dark days are upon us. Carpe diem, as it were.

Fast forward to 3:30. It’s now pouring rain. I mean it. Sure, the wind is still blowing, but there’s a deluge out there. I love to sail, but give me a break!

Fast forward to 6:00. The rain has cleared but the atmosphere is threatening. I can feel it in the air, it’s coming back. But we’re going to brave it. I meet Mike at the boat with dinner in hand from Freisenburgers in Tacoma (best gluten free burgers ever). The engine is already running as I climb aboard. I take the wheel while Mike casts off.
Fifteen minutes later we’re sitting on Commencement Bay with the genoa up. Let’s be clear: Sitting is a word which here means the boat is not moving.

What I was hoping for today.

Carpe diem, my ass. What’s the Latin for ‘seize the hour’? I think it has come to that.

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